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Express, For You

A more powerful Model United Nations conference process display system

Timer Ready


Multi-level Country List

Store multiple country lists at the same time. Applicable to more scenarios.


Statistics at a glance. Including number of people, 20% number, simple majority and absolute majority.

Process Display

Clearer flow displays keep delegates on track with meeting progress.


The software has built-in multiple languages to facilitate meeting needs and organizers.

Individual Window

Pop up the window separately when needed, without occupying the display space. Chairman delegates share the same screen.

Function Models

Customized functional modules that can be added, deleted, or modified to meet various conference needs. Save software space.

Linkage System

Link to the linkage center server to obtain the same-field linkage message.

The most stable conference software available

Legacy MUNC

A meeting minutes solution consisting of text files and system timers not only failed to collect complete meeting minutes, but also failed to convey a professional attitude to delegates.

Use Express

All in one. Only one software is needed to fully control the entire conference. No other software assistance is required. The interface is simple and elegant, easy to use.

Multi-language Options

Built in Express

Accessibility feature may not for you

but for everyone.