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MUNCS Help Center

Please check our FAQ for your reference or join QQ group 933396412 to get 7-24 assistance.


What is License file?

The license file of MUNCS is a file that encrypts and stores the conference information you applied for.

The information for these meetings is filled out by the grant file applicant. To protect your privacy, we respect and will never disclose such confidential information to any third party. Authorization file applicants need to visit and fill in the meeting information according to the facts. Please note that each authorization document can only be used by the meeting to which it is applied. Once the application is successful, the document can be used for all committees of the meeting. Any use of other conference authorizations is an infringement.

As free, closed-source non-commercial software, we set up the authorization file so that we can make statistics on the overall development scale and trend of Model United Nations across the country, to better optimize our software. The data collected for statistical purposes is only the data you fill in when you apply for authorization documents, and we will not and cannot obtain any data generated during your use of the software.

How to use the conference software?

A few days after you complete your authorization application, we will send you the result of your application. If your application is successful, you will attach an authorization document.

If you use MUNCS Express 2 series conference software, please find the software package in the software exchange group, download it and unzip it. Afterwards, please place the authorization file you obtained in the “System” subfolder located in the root directory after decompression and replace the original blank authorization file before use. At this point you can successfully open the .exe executable file of the Express 2 series.

If you use MUNCS Nyarlathotep series conference software, you can directly open the program, and directly drag the authorization file you have obtained to the software start interface to use it.

For specific follow-up preparations and usage instructions, please carefully read the conference software user manual downloaded with the software. You are also welcome to join the user QQ group above to get in touch with us if you encounter any problems. We do not currently adapt all of our conferencing software to macOS and Linux operating systems, please make sure you are using Windows 10/ Windows 11 series operating systems.

What is munPage Forum?

MUNCS Community MUN-Page is a next-generation MUN-oriented social platform of MUNCS Everyone. Many functions are freely available in the community to help promote and inform the Model United Nations conference. The conference can establish a conference calendar (soon to become a new generation of authorization mechanism), conference public home page, committee group, online test filling and collection, column articles and many other functions. As an ordinary user, you can also find conferences on the platform and communicate with other MUN members.

Can I Join MUNCS?

If you love Model United Nations, regardless of your identity and profession, MUNCS always welcomes you to join. While we open up very few positions on a regular basis, if you’d like to contribute a piece of your passion to MUNCS, check out Please note that all of our current positions are for volunteers.