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What is the authorization file?

MUNCS authorization file is a encrypted file store datas about the conference details. The conference information should given by person who applied to use our software. For the security reason, we won’t give the information to any person or third-parties. User should fill the form to apply a authorization file to use it, and the file can only use the specific conference. The reason that we collect your data is build our inside database to improve your experience. So far, the only we that you can check the data is go to ODC platform to see the upcoming conference.

How to use the software

Just a few days after you application, you should get a email from us with a authorization file. For the MUNCS Express 2, Make user you unzipped the software and put the authorization file that you got to the System folder in the software directory, then open the .exe file to launch the Express. For Nyarlathotep,  you can just upload the authorization file to the start screen of the software. For the detail method to use each software, please join the QQ group of each product or submit a ticket to us.

How to use MPC platform

The platform is on the test right now. If your conference is interested in, and want to try it on. please contact us by the contact sheet for more information.

Can I join MUNCS?

MUNCS is a big community for everyone who love model United Nations. No matter what major you are learning, if you’d like to help us to improve the experience of the MUN conference, please check our open position in jobs page. All positions do not have any salary.


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